In the end…

I got a non paid internship, and I’m beginning tomorrow, and I’m happy, because I felt really bored.

And when I’m bored I eat a lot. But I eat well.

and I am writing this recipe blog with my friend Alessia. Just for your recreative cooking and time!


Ho trovato un’internship non pagata, e inizio domani, e sono felice, perché mi stavo decisamente annoiando.

E quando mi annoio mangio tanto. Ma mangio bene.

Per cui ho iniziato a scrivere questo blog di ricette con la mia amica Alessia. Cucina AR-RICREATIVA!


Welcome to London.

Step 0.

Find a place to live in.

level of difficulty: easy.

With my best friend.


Step 1.

English course.

level of difficulty: easy.

My best friend tried in that school, it was good.



Step 2.

Find a job.

level of difficulty: hard.

Step 2.0

You need the National Insurance Number.

You have to call, and speak in english, and understand.


What do you want to do?

What can you do?

How can you afford what do you want to do?

Step 2.1

I want to work in the marketing field. Can I? They want someone with experience and fluent english.

So the answer is: No.

Step 2.2

I have a plus, haven’t I? I’m an Italian mother-tongue. Can I work with my italian? 

The answer is: maybe.

Step 2.3

How do the others thousands of italian and foreigner people coming in London do, to find a job?

Keyword: waiter (waitress).


So, I have time untile monday to apply for some job at the 2.2 step.

Next week I’m going to apply to be a waitress.


I don’t want to think about how much my parents spent for my education.



Show must go on.

You’re there, in your bed, when it’s too late to respect your plans for tomorrow.
You’re there and you think about the sunrise. Someone told you about a spectacular sunrise, above London. At 4 am. And you think to the sunset too, and to the last sunset you appreciated. And you think about stars and skys and landscapes, and all that stuff that people usually think of like “romantic”.

“I can showyou the world…”

And you think again about that last sunset, and you think that you were breaking up. And it was still a beautiful sunset, even if.

Again. Because again and again you feel like this, alone, stuck in the middle of nowhere, a kind of stuck free, i don’t know how to say it. But I’m not complaining, just looking for a short way to explain.

Maybe it’s ed sheeran’s fault if I am so fucking tender. But I realized again that no city, no place, no show is spectacular if you don’t have somebody to share it with. Nothing in the world.

So the point is: would you go to the sunrise, or to the sunset, or to the sea or to the stars, and tell them “I want to show you my beautiful man/woman, the best I got, so that you can admire how beautiful we are in your light, as much as in your dark…” ?